By Susan Brass

We are told or say many times in life “it takes all kinds”. A generic saying when we don’t agree or understand another’s actions or way of thinking.


It has never been more true than with how people view Disney. There are people who (I know, I know I can barely say it) dislike Disney, unfathomable to me, but they are out there. Some have visited and it’s “just not their thing”, and some make this assumption, sadly, without even having visited. There are the people who go once a year or every other year while their kids are growing up. They enjoy it, but when they come home, go “back to reality” and don’t really think about it again until it is time to schedule their next vacation, heck, they might not even choose to return to Disney.

Then … there is me (and all of you) ….


Are we addicted, obsessed or just extremely passionate? Maybe all three? I know whatever it is has brought me into my own Disney “world”. We surround ourselves with all things, Disney. Little by little our mugs are becoming all Disney related. In our display cases, Disney has taken over (hubby’s main passion is still bikes and cars, but Disney has even edged into that!). Our three cats have Disney related names, our fridge has magnets from every trip, we have a few hidden Mickeys throughout our home… my car even screams my love of Disney.

I have spread the Disney love to work as well. It has definitely caused a couple of smirks and eye-rolls from some people. As far as I am concerned, I need it there the most! I listen to Disney podcasts or music from the movies and parks most of the day. My boss’ daughters now send in Disney items they no longer want telling their Dad, “Make sure you give this to Sue”.


People in my day to day life know I love Disney but are not aware of how immersed I have become in this “world”. After a long day at work, we look for Youtube videos of our favorite place to help the time pass until we are “home” again. I keep up on all the news and gossip surrounding Disney and I have the honor of being a part of this amazing blog team. Because of this… let’s stick with passion, and the fact that none of my friends and family share this love of Disney, I have discovered a whole community online of the Disney obsessed … ummm, I mean passionate! I am getting to know many other wonderful people that share this great passion, and it is truly magical!

I look forward to whatever else this new world has to offer!

°o° A special shout out to the rest of this great Blog team that let me vent and supported me when I “lost” the final draft of this blog after what I can only call, a mild case of writer’s block! You guys rock!

Susan Brass