Episode 113: Remove, Rewind, or Refurb With SuperLooper Rod Wheaton http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=1106-podcast

Episode 112: Disney Event Photography                                        http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=1102-podcast

Episode 111: Aulani Restaurant Review By Dave & Sally Tupper http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=1080-podcast

Episode 110: “Looper Listener Poll”: Top 5 Villains                      http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=1075-podcast

Episode 109: April “1st” News!                                                         http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=1068-podcast

Episode 108: Your Favorite Character Moments                           http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=1039-podcast

Episode 107: Joffrey’s Coffee COO and Head Roastmaster Chris de Mezzo http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=973-podcast

Episode 106: “Looper Listener Poll”: Your Top 5 “Movies” In WDW! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=965-podcast

Episode 105: “24″                                                                               http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=954-podcast

Episode 104: We Talk Referbs (NOT REHABS) At WDW!              http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=945-podcast

Episode 103: Orlando Attractions Magazine-The Show: Host JeniLynn Joins Us! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=940-podcast

Episode 102: “Looper Listener Poll”: Your Top 5 Sit Down Restaurants In WDW! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=923-podcast

Episode 101: It’s A Potpourri Show!                                                                      http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=907-podcast

Episode 100: Rewind, Remove, or Refurb With SuperLoopers Susan & John Brass! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=903-podcast

Episode 99: Rides, At WDW, That May Scare Little Kids!                              http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=899-podcast

Episode 98: What Do Our Listeners What To See At The New Disney Springs? http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=895-podcast

Episode 97: How Can Listener Jenna Surprise Her Friends At WDW?! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=891-podcast

Episode 96: SuperLooper, Sean Woosley, Reviews FastPass+ In EPCOT! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=882-podcast

Episode 95: It’s Our First Anniversary!!                                                                     http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=876-podcast

Episode 94: Disney Master Artist Kevin-John!                              http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=866-podcast

Episode 93: PhotoPass Photographer Kim Taylor’s Disney World Experience! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=857-podcast

Episode 92: runDisney Marathoner’s Joe Quattrocchi and T.J. Frey! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=852-podcast

Episode 91: Listener’s Trip Report & Tips For Driving To WDW!               http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=848-podcast

Episode 90: Listeners Tell Us What Movie Would Make A Great Ride! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=846-podcast

Episode 89: Where Do You Stay When You Are A Family Of 5?    http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=839-podcast

Episode 88: Walt Disney Company’s Best And Worst Moments Of 2013! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=821-podcast

Episode 87: Listener’s Predictions For Disney In 2014!               http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=810-podcast

Episode 86: 3rd Installment Of Sean Woosley’s, Commando Style Touring Of MK! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=806-podcast

Episode 85: Getting An “Anti-Disney” To Go To Disney!              http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=815-podcast

Episode 84: “Limited Time Magic” Wrap-up Review!                    http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=788-podcast

Episode 83: That Ride Would Make For An Awesome Movie!           http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=797-podcast

Episode 82: Sean Woosley Gives His Commando Style Touring Of AdventureLand! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=794-podcast

Episode 81: Merry Christmas With A Little Disney Parks Music! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=777-podcast

Episode 80: Magical Minutia!                                                            http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=766-podcast

Episode 79: More “Commando” Touring & Christmas At WDW!  http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=759-podcast

Episode 78: Your “Disney Christmas Wish Lists”!                          http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=750-podcast

Episode 77: “Remove, Rewind, or Refurb” With SuperLooper Jason! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=742-podcast

Episode 76: How To Get Away From The Crowds During Peak Times! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=729-podcast 

Episode 75: Who Would You Like To Hear Narrate The Candlelight Processional? http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=724-podcast

Episode 74: Sean Woosley gives us his commando style touring of FantasyLand! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=716-podcast

Episode 73: Top Three “Space” Themed Attractions At WDW!   http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=708-podcast

Episode 72: FantasyLand Expansion Review By Teenagers!      http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=701-podcast

Episode 71: Your Favorite Season To Go To The Parks!             http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=697-podcast

Episode 70: Talking RunDisney With Michelle Scribner-MacLean and Mike Scopa! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=692-podcast

Episode 69: Our “Sandals On The Ground”, Aulani  Correspondent, Dave Tupper!http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=688-podcast

Episode 68: Our Top Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner At Each Park!  http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=685-podcast 

Episode 67: What Can A Father & Son Do At WDW?                     http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=681-podcast

Episode 66: What Disney Costume Are You Wearing For Halloween? http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=677-podcast

Episode 65: Disney Fantasy Food Review With Dawn Scott!       http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=672-podcast

Episode 64: Best Water Rides At Walt Disney World!                    http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=667-podcast

Episode 63: “Just A Little More”!                                                     http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=663-podcast

Episode 62: Your “Limited Time Magic” Ideas!                               http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=659-podcast

Episode 61: Disney’s PhotoPass Review!                                      http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=657-podcast

Episode 60: “Remove, Rewind, or Refurb” With SuperLooper Sean Woosley! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=654-podcast

Episode 59: Shout-outs, Voicemails & Aulani!                                 http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=650-podcast

Episode 58: Special Guest Joe Quattrocchi On The Disney 2014 Marathon!http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=643-podcast

Episode 57: What Is Your “WOW” Factor At WDW?                       http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=636-podcast

Episode 56: Tim & Bob’s Top Three Disney World Resort Lobbies! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=632-podcast

Episode 55: What Job Would You Want At Walt Disney World?     http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=624-podcast

Episode 54: Where To Stay Before Your Disney Cruise!              http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=620-podcast

Episode 53: “Remove, Rewind, or Refurb” At Tomorrowland, With Safari Mike! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=572-podcast

Episode 52: We Discuss The Walt Disney World Value Resorts! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=567-podcast

Episode 51: Disney’s Aulani Resort Review From Listener Dave Tupper! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=557-podcast

Episode 50: How Do You Surprise Your Family With A Disney Trip? http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=550-podcast

Episode 49: Tim & Dawn’s Western Caribbean Disney Cruise Wrap-Up!http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=547-podcast

Episode 48: Bob & son review “Sorcerer’s Of The Magic Kingdom”! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=539-podcast

Episode 47: Tim’s “On The Road” Pre-Cruise Trip Report!                         http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=532-podcast

Episode 46: Disney’s The Lion King (Off Broadway), Review!    http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=523-podcast

Episode 45: Tim’s Western Caribbean, Disney Fantasy Cruise Pre-Show!http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=514-podcast

Episode 44: What Do You Want To Get Rid Of At WDW?              http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=500-podcast

Episode 43: And It Rained & Rained & Rained!                               http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=491-podcast

Episode 42: Great Cast Member Stories From Our Listeners!                http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=473-podcast

Episode 41: It’s Show Time!                                                              http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=467-podcast

Episode 40: Cruises and Cast Members!                                        http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=460-podcast

Episode 39: New WDW Hotel Ideas From Our Listeners!             http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=453-podcast

Episode 38: DVC Discussion With Guests Sean Duffy & Safari Mike! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=429-podcast

Episode 37: Top 5 Disney World “Pet Peeves”!                            http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=424-podcast

Episode 36: Bob’s Family’s Disney World Trip Wrap-Up!              http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=415-podcast

Episode 35: Bob’s Disney World Trip Report (Part 2 of 2)!           http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=409-podcast

Episode 34: Bob’s Disney World Trip Report (Part 1 of 2)!           http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=404-podcast

Episode 33: Tim’s Northeast/North America Disney Cruise!         http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=401-podcast

Episode 32: Fairytale Journeys By Sean: A Disney Authorized Travel Agent! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=390-podcast

Episode 31: How to beat the Florida Heat!                                     http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=382-podcast

Episode 30: Walt Disney World vs Universal Orlando!                 http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=376-podcast

Episode 29: “One & Done”!                                                              http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=370-podcast

Episode 28: Pre-Trip Planning!                                                         http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=365-podcast

Episode 27: Top 3 World Showcase Countries!                             http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=360-podcast

Episode 26: A college student’s perspective from listener Scott! http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=354-podcast

Episode 25: New countrys/regions for World Showcase!             http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=346-podcast

Episode 24: Wilderness Lodge vs Animal Kingdom Lodge!         http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=341-podcast

Episode 23: A Potpourri Show!                                                         http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=334-podcast

Episode 22: Is 12 years old too old for Disney World?                           http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=326-podcast

Episode 21: “Limited Time Magic”?                                                http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=322-podcast

Episode 20: Listener’s money saving tips                                      http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=308-podcast

Episode 19: A Teen’s perspective of Disney World                      http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=295-podcast

Episode 18: Animal Kingdom with special guest Safari Mike                       http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=219-podcast

Episode 17: Listener Scott’s Trip Report                                       http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=177-podcast

Episode 16: Disneyland Paris with our disafterdark.com pals      http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=167-podcast

Episode 15: Tim’s Alaskan Disney Cruise                                       http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=160-podcast

Episode 14: Must Dos, Skip It & Some Dining                               http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=152-podcast

Episode 13: Unlucky Guest Experiences                                             http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=136-podcast

Episode 12: Disney Springs                                                              http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=128-podcast

Episode 11: Bucket List                                                                     http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=122-podcast

Episode 10: Listener Feedback                                                       http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=110-podcast

Episode 9: EPCOT Deluxe Resorts                                                         http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=108-podcast

Episode 8: WDW Moderate Resorts                                                   http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=98-podcast

Episode 7: Prerequisite Movies For Your Trip                                      http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=96-podcast

Episode 6: MYMAGIC+                                                                           http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=91-podcast

Episode 5: Best Age To Visit                                                                         http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=79-podcast

Episode 4: Romance At WDW                                                           http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=74-podcast

Episode 3: Deluxe Resorts On The “Loop”                                     http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=61-podcast

Episode 2: No Park Tickets?                                                             http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=56-podcast

Episode 1: Who Are These Guys?!                                                  http://resortloop.com/?powerpress_pinw=49-podcast

2 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. Hey guys, I’ve really been enjoying the show. It helps to kill my time at work! I like the frequency and duration of the episodes. Hard to believe there’s only 13 episodes because you sound like you’ve been doing this a long time! Keep up the great work. Really like the sweepstakes links as well.

    • Rob, thank you very much for the kind words! We’re having a blast doing the show and interacting with all our new friends/listeners. We have talked Disney for years with each other but now we just do it into microphones! Thanks again for listening!

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